Past Productions


1962 Out-Patients
Hobson’s Choice
1963 Blithe Spirit 1964 Light of the World
1965  The Browning Version
The Lady’s not for burning
1966 The White sheep of the family
The Rape of the Belt
1967  When we are Married
Parish Supper Review
And so to Nunthorpe
The importance of being Earnest
1968 Murder in the Cathedral
Sailor Beware
1969  Trespass – A Ghost Story
Old Time Review
1970 Preparation for Easter
1971  Cinderella
Fool’s paradise
1972 Tales in Nunthorpe
Angels in Love
1973  Aladdin
The Hollow
Under Milk Wood
1977  Goose Girl
Love’s a Luxury
Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime
1978  Dick Whittington
Riders to the Sea
Relatively Speaking
Policy for Murder
1979  Jack and the Beanstalk
Hobson’s Choice
Table Manners