Alice The Pantomime & auditions

Audition pieces – click to download

Auditions for our winter pantomime are coming up soon! Click on the link above to download the scripts for each character

Auditions will take place on Sunday 2nd September, 4 pm at St. Mary’s Church Hall OR Tuesday 4th September, 7.30 at Marton Community Centre.

The panto itself will be performed on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th January and Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd February 2019.

Plenty of parts available for all ages, genders and abilities! Why not come along and have a go.

Alice image

Characters – In order of appearance

Queen Atria of Hearts  – An evil, self-obsessed, power mad Queen bent on bringing Wonderland under her control.

Iritus – Queen Atria’s slightly slower sidekick. Just as twisted and evil.

Dame Candy Barr – The mother of Billy and Alice and the owner of the village sweet shop. 

Silly Billy – Lovable, slightly daft, very accident prone and writer of limericks. Sometimes sharper than he lets on though.

Alice – Intelligent and beautiful daughter of Candy Barr. A lover of nature and books with a fiery spirit.  (Principal Girl).

Lewis – Handsome new member of the village. Worldly wise and lots of life experience. (Principal Boy).

The White Rabbit – The wisest and most powerful sorcerer in Wonderland. Firmly on the side of good and the only one who is a match for Queen Atria.

Alva – A Swedish work experience student working in Candy Barr’s Sweet  Shop. Speaks minimal English.

Miss A. Watt – Companion to Alva who translates for her

Bodgit and Scarper – Two builders. Cameo roles.

Ensemble & Dancers as: Customers in Candy’s Shop, Rabbits of Wonderland, Little Rabbits of Wonderland, Queen Atria’s Cards, the Cheshire Cat, the Jabberwocky and others.