Plaza Suite

Three couples. Three nights. One hotel room.



Sam and Karen. They’ve been married a long time. It’s so long that Karen can’t even remember how long they’ve been married, so she plans a second honeymoon in the hotel where they spent their wedding night. Will her romantic evening at the Plaza Hotel rekindle the romance?





TCPA77T6644Jesse and Muriel. He’s a successful Hollywood producer, she’s his childhood sweetheart from New Jersey. So what is Muriel doing in Jesse’s hotel suite? Recent events in Hollywood have given this classic comedy a new twist, but we’re playing it as Neil Simon wrote it, for laughter. But we guarantee the audience will have plenty to talk about in the interval.




Roy and Norma. It should be one of the happiest days of their life, their daughter Mimsey is getting married. Only trouble is, she won’t come out of the bathroom … How will they get her out – and WHY is she in there? You’ll have to come and see Neil Simon’s classic comedy “Plaza Suite” to find out!




Come and see Plaza Suite, Neil Simon’s classic comedy of love, relationships and hotel bedrooms on May 16th-19th at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Nunthorpe. Tickets available from Rookwood News, Nunthorpe, or 01287 639435,

Tickets are £9 full price, £7 for concessions.

Thanks to Tim Cossins for production photographs.