Plaza Suite – information for auditions


Plaza Suite is the classic Neil Simon 1968 American comedy which includes 3 vignettes about 3 different groups of people during their stay in room 719 at New York’s Plaza Hotel


Act One: Visitor from Mamaroneck:

Directed by Ivan Limon or Julie Hobson (dependent upon casting)

Karen Nash: A 48 year old woman from upstate New York. “Pleasant and jovial she has let weight and age take their natural course.”

Sam Nash: Karen’s husband. He has just turned 50 and made every effort to conceal it. Everything about Sam is measured, efficient, economic.

Bellhop: A bellhop!

Waiter: A waiter, described as “a middle aged Puerto Rican”. Good luck …

Jean McCormack: Sam’s secretary, a trim, attractive woman of 28, bright cheerful and smilingly efficient.


Act Two: Visitor from Hollywood

Directed by Ivan Limon or Julie Hobson (dependent upon casting)

Jesse Kiplinger: 40 year old, stylish and confident, a Hollywood film producer.

Muriel Tate, late 30s, Jesse’s childhood sweetheart, attractive, simple, warm and smiling, naïve and vulnerable. From New Jersey.

The waiter also makes a brief, wordless appearance.


Act Three: Visitor from Forest Hills

Directed by Sara Ramrekha


Norma Hubley:  female aged 45- 60 Mother of the bride tries to stay calm in a crisis.  Tries to keep her husband in control whilst also standing up for herself both passively and aggressively


Roy Hubley: male aged 45- 60 Father of the bride and has the bills to prove it. A competitive business man out of his league when dealing with emotions and marrying off his daughter.


Borden Eisler: male 20s Confident. Man of few words, quite literally!


Mimsey Hubley:  female 20s Nervous bride, afraid that her marriage might turn out like her parent’s.


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