Refreshments and toilets

As you may know, St. Mary’s Church Hall is currently undergoing a major programme of refurbishment (scaffolding and builders everywhere!!)

This will have a two big knock on effects on the panto this year.

  • For the first weekend of the panto, the accessible toilet will be … inaccessible. The Church Hall management were very apologetic,. We will happily change the tickets of anyone who relies on this facility to come on the second weekend instead, or refund money paid for tickets. Please contact Liz (07415 799008).
  • The kitchen will be in the process of being stripped out for both weekends. This means it won’t be safe or practical for us to provide hot drinks and so only cold drinks will be available – alcohol will be sold at afternoon performances as well as evening shows in an attempt to make up for the lack of cups of tea! Again we can only apologise – when the work is finished the Hall will be so much better for all users that we hope you will understand.
    No cup of tea? What do you mean, no cup of tea!!!!


We apologise for any inconvenience, and we look forward to seeing what the improvements to the church hall will bring.

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