Panto auditions!

Auditions for this year’s panto take place on Sunday, 24th September, between 2-7 pm at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Nunthorpe, TS7 0JU. The panto itself will have 8 performances this year, Friday 26th January, Saturday 27th January (matinee and evening), Sunday 28th January (matinee) and the same the following weekend Friday 2nd February- Sunday 4th February. (There will be a rehearsal in between the two weekends). Scripts are available from the director, Wendie Middleton or online at NODA pantomimes (for online perusal only) – it’s FRANKENSTEIN by David Swan. Anyone who is interested in taking part, please read this information from Wendie:

So ladies and gents as promised here are your audition piece for this years panto.
Herr. Frau. Frankie. Heide. All together pages 1-4
Herr. And Frau to sing master of the house. Frankie and Heide to sing Time Warp.

Kodak the dog is a non-speaking role but will need to be able to act really well. Audition for this is to act out the song puppy love.

Buckles. Ludwig. Heide. Pages 5-7 Buckles and Ludwig to sing We Will Rock You.

Professor. Miss Nelly. Pages 32-34 and both to sing Time Warp.

Bridget. Mabel. Agnes. Constance. Ethel. Pages 13-14 and. 23-24. You will need to sing the school anthem and Everybody and act out the song It Should Have Been Me.

Dracula. Granular. Pages 21-22. Dracula to sing Blue Suede Shoes.

Ok so some of the songs will be gone through in the singing part of the audition. However the two to be acted out won’t be.

Hope all this helps. Please shout if you have any more questions.
Thanks everybody. Wendie x

If you don’t have Wendie’s contact details you can reach her via our Facebook pages, our e-mail ( or this website’s contact form – just make it clear that your message is for Wendie, please, and I will forward it.

We welcome anyone to audition (but please bear in mind that performances and rehearsals can be too tiring for young children – 11s and under will need adult support at all rehearsals please. Sunday afternoons will be the main rehearsals initially for children).

Rehearsals will take place at a variety of venues – St. Mary’s Church Hall, Nunthorpe (some Sundays and other rehearsals in January), Langdon Square Community Centre, Coulby Newham (Thursday nights), Marton Community Centre (Tuesday nights) and some Sunday rehearsals at Toft House (next to Middlesbrough Theatre).

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