Acting, it’s not plumbing …


Auditions will be held on Sunday, 2nd July for the One Act play for Sedgefield drama festival (week of 11-16th September, exact date tbc), as well as for the variety part of One Night Only (22nd and 23rd September).

The one act play, Acting, It’s not plumbing by Cheryl Barrett is a comedy about a drama workshop. There are 7 characters, 5 female and two male. Jilly Potts is a drama teacher, Fay Brown is described as a shy young girl, Amy Woods is a jolly hockey-stick type, Sandra Smith is a busy housewife, Paul Williams is a pessimist who speaks before he engages his brain, Bob Johnson is a plumber and divorced father of 2 and finally Chelsea Briggs is a confident child of wealthy parents. As you can see there are a wide variety of characters, so if you want to know more, please ask contact Wendie (the director). Julie and Liz can also supply copies of the script to anyone who wants to read one (contact any of them via

Please come along to auditions on Sunday 2nd July, 2-5 at Marton Community Centre.


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