Autumn production news

Some important news about the Autumn production – Bill is not quite back to full fitness yet, so we don’t feel that we can ask him to direct a huge play this autumn. Instead, we are going to throw everything we have at a new venture!

So say hello to For One Night Only … which will, ironically, be on for two nights, hopefully 22nd and 23rd September. This will be a fully rehearsed and properly staged performance (not just the kind of “turn up and perform” variety show we have been doing for the last few years) with a one act play, some ensemble musical numbers and of course some sketches. Wendie Middleton will be directing the show, ably assisted by Jayne Harrison who will be choreographing the musical numbers.

Wendie is looking for:

Individual and group acts to perform as part of the “variety” section of the show – if you have an idea please contact Wendie to see if it will be suitable for the show.

Performers (adults or young people) for the musical numbers. No experience required, just a willingness to try. This would be a great introduction for anyone who wants to try performing for the first time!

Performers who want to try something but don’t have “an act” to put forwards. Wendie has a few ideas and she can help you find the ideal role.

Actors for the one act play, which is yet to be decided, so we can’t tell you what we’re looking for quite yet!

Please contact Wendie as soon as possible (Before the end of April for the variety part of the show) either directly if you have her contact details, or via or our Facebook page.


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