Play Script Submissions

The Play Selection Committee are looking for script suggestions for our season 2018-19. This will need to include full length plays (of various genres) as well as Pantomime scripts and one-act plays for Festival submissions and possibly Players on Parade.

Any directors interested in putting forward spring or autumn productions for 2018, please contact Alex Duncan (via with details, BEFORE 27th MARCH.

We have had some scripts already sent in, but are still looking for other submissions, so we have as wide a field as possible to choose from.

If you would like to suggest a play, but don’t want to direct, please still put the play forwards, but tell us that you don’t want to direct it yourself (and if you have any suggestions for someone who might want to direct it, they would be gratefully received). Alex will need to know some basic details about the play and where she can find the script.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading all your submissions.  This is your chance to have an input into the types of plays we perform.


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